Never too early to talk about next years movie awards. Here is the new trailer for MAN OF STEEL:



  1. The Charity is Huntingdon Senior Section but the money would be used to support two memebrs who among other things are attending the World Scout Jamboree in 2011 Below is a piece about these two young ladies and why they should be the cause of the month: We are Becky and Lydia and we are memebrs of Huntingdon Senior Section and have recently been fortunate in securing places on the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden in July/August 2011. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are very grateful that we have got places. We need to raise what seems like a huge sum of money and despite the fact that it is still 18 months away, we have been working hard to reach our target. We have done bag-packing at a local supermarket and have run a stall at a local event, for which we made crafts. We both have paper rounds and are babysitting and doing jobs for neighbours. So far we have raised approximately a3150 each, a small percentage of the a31900 which we each need to raise. We have many more fundraising activities planned, such as car boot sales, a yard sale, a plant sale and sponsored eventsThe World Scout Jamboree is an amazing experience with a chance to meet people from across the world, take part in activities and adventures, experience different cultures and make life-long friends. Over 45,000 Scouts and Guides from 160 countries participate in the event. It only occurs once every 4 years and age limits are enforced which means that you only get one chance to go in your life. We help to run a Brownie pack in the local area and they are very supportive of us. In return we want to come back from the Jamboree full of new ideas for cultural activities. We want to be able to share our experiences as it is unlikely that many of our Brownies will be fortunate enough to go on the Jamboree in the future. We are both really excited at the prospect of the Jamboree but we have a lot more money to raise. We hope that you find us a worthy cause and will consider assisting us in raising money.


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