Best Picture nominee AMOUR is not exactly a happy movie, or is it?  As we celebrate Valentines Day you can not think of the love the husband has for his wife in AMOUR. A man will do anything to care for his sick wife. It begs the question, how much is too much? When can you let go?

While AMOUR will not win Best Picture, it will win Best Foreign Language Film. Emmanuelle Riva plays the sick wife who must be cared for by her husband. Riva is nominated for Best Actress. She is the oldest nominee ever for in the Best Actress category. She will turn 86 on Oscar night February 24th. Jennifer Lawrence is the favorite to win, but what an honor it would be for Riva to take home the Oscar. Reports are that she is very frail, but rumor has it that she will be attending the Academy Awards if she is able. Watch the scene below and try to convince me that Jennifer Lawrence gave a better performance.




Here is a clip of a real life couple suffering the same obstacles, but define what love (amour) really is:


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