Maybe there is Oscar hope for THE GREAT GATSBY?  Being delayed from last year to this year may have put GATSBY in a better place to campaign for awards season. Cannes has always been a great launching point for Oscar winners. The Cannes audience starts the buzz and the momentum.

PARIS (AP) The Cannes Film Festival has an American flavor this year, with a Hollywood icon heading the jury and a quintessential U.S. literary figure opening the event: The Great Gatsby.
Organizers said Tuesday the film “The Great Gatsby,” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role and directed by Australian Baz Luhrmann, will open this year’s Cannes festival — in 3-D, no less.
Luhrmann stressed the film’s French connection, saying in a statement that author F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “some of the most poignant and beautiful passages” of “The Great Gatsby” at a French Riviera villa not far from Cannes. Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan also star in Luhrmann’s version of the 1925 novel.
Steven Spielberg is heading the jury at the Cannes festival this year, which runs May 15-26.



  1. Your video is so beautiful. It rellay touched me to the core. This video rellay needs to be out there I think the world population as a whole would rellay benefit from seeing something like this. Not only does it touch on bullying, but also about how fine a line racial division can be and how this line can sometimes stem from childhood issues. These issues can then be led to major self- esteem and self identity crisis’s.I’m from the US and one time when I was very little my family took a vacation to somewhere in the South and someone told my parents that it was wrong for them to get married because they were of different ethnic backgrounds. They lectured for awhile and wouldn’t leave us alone about it. I was a little kid at that point so I was kind of confused by the situation. Because I was so little, I didn’t rellay understand what happened. For awhile after that, I was embarrassed by my family and I thought something was wrong with us. Obviously as I got older, I realized that I should be proud of my family and who I am. Haters gonna hate! But let’s stay strong and proud! 🙂


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