This is not a great time of year for movies. Awards season is over and Summer is still a few months away. Any movie released this time of year is sure to be forgotten by the time Oscar season arrives.

There are a few that do stand out and while their chances of any awards are slim, they are worth checking out. You never know.

ozgreatandpowerful-thirdposter-fullOZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (March 8) It has a low but respectable Rotten Tomatoes number of 61%. OZ is all about the CGI. Could get a Best Visual Effects or Best Production Design nomination.








Hollywood Reporter calls out some others:

side_effects_ver2_xlgSIDE EFFECTS (February 8th)The film proves that Oscar nominee Rooney Mara’s star-making turn in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was no fluke and also features Oscar nominee Jude Law’s best performance in years. Even Channing Tatum comes off OK in this one, in a supporting part that, in more ways than one, evokes Janet Leigh’s in Psycho. (I’m afraid that the one person who was miscast was Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones.) Sure, the film goes on a bit too long and comes to be implausible, but it’s very smart and entertaining overall.






untitledTHE SAPPHIRES (March 22) The Weinstein Co. pushed this gem of a film — which received a 10-minute standing ovation after its Cannes premiere, subsequently won numerous festivals’ audience awards and became a hit overseas — into 2013. Wayne Blair’s first film, a musical-dramedy inspired by real people and events, chronicles the unlikely rise of and travels of an Aboriginal soul group, under the tutelage of a wacky manager (Chris O’Dowd), during the era of the war in Vietnam, which they toured.







place_beyond_the_pines_ver7_xlgTHE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES (April 12)The storyline featuring Ryan Gosling, as a circus motorcyclist who will do anything to try to woo back the woman (Eva Mendes) who has borne his child but no longer wants to be with him, crashes into that of Bradley Cooper, playing a cop who finds out the hard way that his profession is not as noble as he imagined. The final installment of this triptych, which abruptly flashes forward 15 years, illustrates — powerfully, if also a bit too literally — how the actions of one generation can have reverberations on others


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