GRAVITY made its North American debut Saturday night at Telluride.  Looks like another winner!

Capture Capture1 Capture2Capture3Capture4



  1. Dave,I’ve always weantd to take San Juan CR 14 but never seemed to have time or some other excuse. But what I really want to ask about is Ouray CR 14A. Back in the late 70 s I rode up there with some guys to an overlook near the Blow Out’ and we looked down on Ouray from there. I went back a few years later on my own and could not find the Blow Out. I’m assuming here that you know what the Blow Out is (where a huge part of the mountain fell away.)RussPS, I waste way too much work time on your web site!PPS, I’ll ping you on 146.79 (I think that is the freq you monitor, I’ll double check) when I come through in two weeks.


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