oscar bites collage


-HER with Joaquin Phoenix and Directed by Spike Jonze closed the New York Film Festival  The reviews were mostly positive, but it might be a bit too weird for the conservative Academy.  Scott Feinberg gives his thoughts.


-GRAVITY is number 1 at the Box Office again this week. (Films in bold have Oscar potential)

1. “Gravity,” $44.3 million 

2. “Captain Phillips,” $26 million

3. “Cloudy with a Chance Of Meatballs 2,” $14.2 million

4. “Machete Kills,” $3.8 million

5. “Runner Runner,” $3.7 million

6. “Prisoners,” $3.7 million 

7. “Insidious: Chapter 2,” $2.6 million

8. “Rush,” $2.4 million 

9. “Don Jon,” $2.3 million.

10. “Baggage Claim,” $2 million.


-THE CROODS  was the first animated screener sent to Oscar voters last week.


-BLACKFISH will air on CNN Thursday, Oct. 24 at 9:00pm  with an encore at 12:00am.  BLACKFISH shows the sad life of Tilikum the killer whale that is responsible for the deaths of three people, including a trainer. It will make you think about ever going to SeaWorld again.  It had a limited release in theaters and qualify for Best Documentary Feature.   See my review here.



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