*Michael Fassbender says he wont campaign for an Oscar again.

*Screeners for FRUITVALE STATION were sent out with an unfortunate typo.

*Only 6 serious Oscar hopefuls have yet to be seen. They are: AMERICAN HUSTLE, LONE SURVIVOR, THE MONUMENTS MEN, OUT OF THE FURNACE and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (rumor has it that it will be released this year after all).

*Does the number of attendees at the Academy showings of GRAVITY and 12 YEARS OF SLAVE mean anything?

*Weekend Box Office results. (Oscar contenders are highlighted)

1. “Gravity,” $31 million 

2. “Captain Phillips,” $17.3 million

3. “Carrie,” $17 million.

4. “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,” $10.1 million

5. “Escape Plan,” $9.8 million

6. “Prisoners,” $2.1 million 

7. “Enough Said,” $1.8 million.

8. “Fifth Estate,” $1.7 million.

9. “Runner Runner,” $1.6 million

10. “Insidious Chapter 2,” $1.5 million


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