Golden Globes Winners are Auditioning for an Oscar

The Golden Globes have a history of predicting Oscar winners. Even after the Academy moved up their due dates. Oscar ballots were due 4 days before the Globes happened, but last year all four of the academy’s acting picks came from the Golden Globes. Over the past 20 years, the Globes have chosen actor Oscar winners 80% of the time. The Oscar voters have their nominations in, but they still need to vote for the winners. The Golden Globes become an audition for Oscar night. If a Globe winner gives a good speech and comes across as likable, their chance at an Oscar goes way up. Sunday Night Leonardo Dicaprio, Matthew McConaughey , Jared Leto and Alfonso Cuaron. All had great speeches and the AMPAS wants them giving speeches on Oscar night. My best guess is that last night locked a nomination for Dicaprio, locked a win for McConaughy and Leto. Director is still up in the air. Right now it is between Steve McQueen Alfonso Cuaron and David O’ Russell.


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