Box Office Does Not Equal Oscar




Back in the 70’s and 80’s Best Picture winners were usually the biggest money makers of the year. Box Office helps, but now it doesn’t really play a role.  GRAVITY has brought in the most money at $270 million. 12 YEARS A SLAVE comes is in at number 4 with $50 million. Some people just aren’t interested in watching a brutal movie about slavery and the same goes for Oscar voters.  This is why I am sticking with GRAVITY as the Best Picture winner.

  1. GRAVITY: $270,465,000
  2. AMERICAN HUSTLE: $146,710,000
  3. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET: $114,579,000
  4. CAPTAIN PHILIPS: $106,957,071
  5. 12 YEARS A SLAVE: $50,260,000
  6. PHILOMENA: $34,629,000
  7. DALLAS BUYERS CLUB: $25,318,000
  8. HER: $24,604,000
  9. NEBRASKA: $17,133,000





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