Unbroken Poster

We are a little more than 5 months and 3 weeks until Oscar night. For months now “Oscarologists” have posted their predictions which at this point are a complete guess. Last year at this time most were predicting AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY for Best Picture.  Julia Roberts ended up being the one and only nomination from Osage County.

Right now UNBROKEN, GONE GIRL and BOYHOOD are the predicted front-runners. With BOYHOOD as being the only one that has been seen. Predicting any Oscar winner before the film has been viewed by anyone is risky. Right after the first showings of AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY last year the internet was abuzz with bad reviews. Proclaiming a movie Best Picture this early in the season is usually the kiss of death. The expectations of both UNBROKEN and GONE GIRL are so high that they will have challenges living up to the hype.

Angelina Joelies UNBROKEN is A chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II. It has everything that an Oscar movie needs;  a true story, a big name director and WWII.  The academy loves WWII movies. Plus Louis Zamperini passed away this year, adding to the back story. We already know that Fox is planning a full on Oscar campaign for UNBROKEN.  Add that with the possibility of Jolie up against husband Brad Pitt for FURY, the Academy may orgasm! All of this is why many are predicting UNBROKEN as your 2014 Best Picture winner. Everyone calm down because all of this hype is exactly why UNBROKEN will not win Best Picture.