The Walk Premieres at New York Film Fest


The New York Film Festival Kicked off on Friday with the world premiere of THE WALK.  A film many were not expecting much from ends with rousing applause.





Most of the discussion revolves around the work of Director Robert Zemeckis and his authenticity of 1970’s New York. And a visual tribute to the Twin Towers. Very little is being said about the performance of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his attempt at a French accent, not a good sign for an acting nomination. It now has a mediocre score of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, so far. The first half of THE WALK is described as slow while you wait for the actual walk when the suspense kicks in.

Sounds like there may not much awards buzz for THE WALK. Maybe a few technical nominations for the re-creation of the World Trade Center, but not much else.


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