Michael Moore’s first film in six years, WHERE TO INVADE NEXT made Its US debut last night at the New York Film Festival to a packed house.

WHERE TO INVADE NEXT is funny, though provoking and dare I say inspiring. Maybe age has softened Moore up a bit, but in this doc he stays away from confrontation and invades” these countries looking for government programs to bring back to the United States. Free education, 4 course school lunches, paid honeymoons, just to name a few. Moore says that he wants to look at the “flowers, not a the weeds” when visiting these countries. At one point Moore convinced me that I needed to move to Slovenia, not Slovakia. (these two countries often confused)  It doesn’t show the angry Moore that we are used to seeing and I  missed it.


As In all of his docs, Moore has an agenda and never mentions how some of these government programs would never work here in the US. He wants to bring them here to make the US better. He doesn’t hide his views on socialism and maybe will even convert a view non believers.

WHERE TO INVADE NEXT was a little longer than it needed to be at 1:50. This could have easily been a great doc at 90 minutes. As in all of his docs, Moore oversimplifies his agenda and leaves some facts. You could easily make a movie rebutting all of Moore’s points. With that said, if you take it for what it is and remember that Michael Moore is an entertainer, you will laugh and maybe even be inspired.