The Critics’ Choice Awards aired in January last year after the Golden Globes. This year it will air on December 11th. Too early for some of the movies released in late December to be considered. Such as Ben Affleck’s Live By Night,  Denzel Washington’s Fences and Martin Scorsese’s  Silence. Producer Joey Berlin said “We talked to the studios about that, and we only identified two pictures that may be problematic. We’re optimistic that we’ll be able to vote on the nominations without missing any movies.” Okay then. 
Berlin goes on to say, “This is the logical time for the Critics’ Choice Awards to be presented in the vanguard of the awards season. The role of critics is to assess new films and television shows and advise the public when they are initially released. So this new date is actually the most appropriate time for our annual year-end assessment of the finest achievements in both media. December 11th will be the first time all of the year’s major award contenders will be gathered together to celebrate the best of the best.”

After doing a horrible job last year, T.J. Miller from Silicon Valley will host again. He’s just not funny and the stoner schtick gets old after about a minute. 

The show can be seen on A&E Sunday December 11th at 8PM ET.