The 73rd and longest running film festival opened on Wednesday.  The Venice Film Festival has previously shown the eventual Best Picture winners Birdman and Spotlight.

La La Land is about an aspiring actress Mia serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions while dedicated jazz musician Sebastian plays in dingy bars in order to scrape by. The two meet and fall in love, but, as success mounts, the dreams they worked so hard to maintain threaten to rip them apart. It stars Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and J. K. Simmons.  

This year, Damien Chazelle‚Äôs La La Land opened the Venice to positive reviews. Some are predicting nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Emma Stone for Best Actress. What often happens during film fests is the last movie seen gets declared a presumed Oscar winner. The key is to maintain the buzz long after the festivals are over. Most will fall to the wayside.