Monday was the last day of the 4 days of the 43rd Telluride Film Festival. The last 8 Best Picture winners were shown at Telluride. This year is looking to keep that streak going. Here is look at the standouts:

Manchester by the Sea-The Telluride response only confirmed what we already knew. Manchester is the current frontrunner to win the whole thing including Best Director Kenneth Lonergan, Best Actor Casey Affleck, Best Supporting Actor Kyle Chandler and Best Supporting Acress Michelle Williams. Manchester has a long road ahead. There are still many more movies that haven’t been seen that can over take frontrunner status. It’s not always good to be leading the race this early on.

La La Land-If there is movie right that can surpass Manchester by the Sea it’s La La Land. A musical, yes a musical that celebrates the history and art of filmaking. It’s the one film at Telluride that everyone can agree upon and enjoy. That is what makes a Best Picture winner. Like The Artist in 2011. It was not the best movie of the year, but it was the movie that everyone who watched it agreed that they liked it. More importantly though,  it was the least devisive. Manchesters gloomy plot migh turn some Oscar voters off while they rally around a happier La La Land.

Arrival-It will be a tough sell to the Academy. Sci-fi is usually not their thing. The reviews at Telluride were mixed, but some Oscar pundits love it and are convinced it will at least get a Nomination. If Best Picture is the movie that is the least devisive then Arrival is not that movie.

Moonlight-May be too small to go the distance, but the love for this movie is strong. Moonlight is a story  about a boy named Chiron, played at different ages by Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes, who is in a life of crime in a tough city.  His single mother, Naomie Harris is fighting a battle against drug addiction. Chiron finds a more stable family and begins to struggle with his sexuality. Sasha Stone at AwardsDaily called Moonlight a masterpiece. That’s not a word that she throws around lightly.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea so it might struggle at the Oscars. It does have Spirit Awards written all over it.

Sully-We know that Tom Hanks can act. We know that he is overdo for another Oscar. The Best Actor race is thin right now with Casey Affleck as the only sure thing. There will be room for Hanks. The movie itself has mixed reviews with only 73% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Bleed for This– A typical boxing comeback film with Miles Teller as Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Pazienza. Pazienza survives a life threatening accident and work to get his career…I don’t need to finish, you know how this ends. Word is that Teller’s strong performance makes the film. If Best Actor category stays thin then he may get in.

Other standouts from Telluride include, Neruda, Una and Wakefield.

Toronto is up next beginning September 8th.