Fences is Now Officially in the Oscar Race

The Screen Actors Guild presented a screening of Fences last night in Los Angeles. This is the first showing in front of a crowd of awards voters. If the reaction of the members who attended is any indication, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and the cast will be taking home a lot of golden statues. 
The 700 or so people in the audience consisted of studio guests, press, Academy and SAG members. It ended with a standing ovation as the cast members took the stage for a Q&A. The official reviews are embargoed until December, but they can’t stop people from taking to Twitter

It was recently announced that Viola Davis was campaigning for Best Supporting Actress where she has a better chance at winning than Best Actress. Emma Stone or Annette Bening have the Best Actress category locked up. The screening last night just about puts Davis as a lock for Supporting. It will be her first and long overdue Oscar win. 

Denzel Washington has tough competition in the Best Director and Best Actor Categories, but he is now at least a contender for the Actor nomination. 


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