List of Screeners Delivered to Oscar Voters so Far

The folks at Gold Derby have their eye on the screeners that have been sent to Oscar voters so far. The challenge is to get the voters to actually watch them.

List of screeners and the dates they were sent out:

Nov. 30: Manchester by the Sea
Nov. 23: Trolls
Nov. 21: Finding Dory
Nov. 18: Deepwater Horizon
Nov. 18: Hacksaw Ridge
Nov. 17: Sully
Nov. 15: The Secret Life of Pets
Nov. 15: Sausage Party
Nov. 14: Captain America: Civil War
Nov. 14: The Jungle Book
Nov. 14: Zootopia
Nov. 11: The Birth of a Nation
Nov. 9: Hell or High Water
Nov. 7: Captain Fantastic
Nov. 7: Denial
Nov. 7: Eye in the Sky
Nov. 1: Cafe Society
Nov. 1: Love and Friendship
Nov. 1: The Neon Demon

Oct. 18: Long Way North
Oct. 12: Hello, My Name is Doris

Sept. 24: I Saw the Light
Sept. 24: The Meddler

Aug. 30: Maggie’s Plan
Aug. 30: Miles Ahead


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