The highest grossing films of the year are usually, well gross. The top 10 of 2016 is made up of animated and super hero movies. These are what the public is payng to see. It has nothing to do with quality. The average movie goer only goes to an actual theater a couple times of year and when they do, they want to see explosions and cheesy CGI. They want something “big” for their money. 

Investing in movies is a huge risk and most of the time not profitable. Studios only want put invest in a franchise that is proven to make money like Captain America and Star Wars. They certainly don’t have to be good to make money. Suicide Sqaud, one of the worst reviewed movies of the year still made $325 million. As long as the American public continues to go and pay for shitty movies, they will keep making them. 

Top 10 highest grossing films of 2016: