A Look at Best Supporting Actress

Viola Davis is a lock for nomination and a lock for the win. I didn’t even know who the other contenders were until I looked it up. There will be 4 other nominees who will be grateful just to be nominated. 

Viola Davis (Fences) – Yes, best performance of the year. It’s actually a lead role, but Davis and team decided to campaign for Supporting to have a better chance at winning. Smart choice considering the competitive Best Actress Category. This clip shows why Viola Davis will be winning her first Oscar.

Naomie Harris (Moonlight): Another great contender in a great role in a great film. If not for Viola Davis, Harris would have it. 

Nicole Kidman (Lion): She got the SAG and Golden Globe nomination. This raises her chances considerably for the Oscar nomination.

Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea): Also has a SAG and Golden Globe nomination. Williams can really do no wrong. Her role in Manchester by the Sea is relatively small, but she knocks in out of the park when she is on screen. 

Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures): Another SAG and GG nominee. People really love Hidden Figures and will most likely honor it with a Supporting Actress nomination. 

Janelle Monae (Hidden Figures): She has received little attention so far. Her character doesn’t have any big breakout scenes, but they do love Hidden Figures. 

Helen Mirren (Eye in the Sky): Another great part for Mirren. Unfortunately Eye in the Sky was released early in the year and may be forgotten. There is some support out there, so not out of the question. 

The Best Supporting Actress nominees list may look like this:
Viola Davis-Fences
Naomie Harris-Moonlight
Michelle Williams-Manchester by the Sea
Nicole Kidman-Lion
Octavia Spencer-Hidden Figures

There are bound to be some surprises in this category.


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