A Closer Look at the 2017 Oscar Nominations

The Nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced early Tuesday morning with a different format than years past. Rather than the usual press conference format, the Academy went with a pre-recorded promo type format. If you were watching online it was fine. I could have done without the previous nominees commentaries. We get it, you were excited when you first learned of your nomination. Good Morning America was able to air the portion of the pre-produced package with the bigger categories, but poor Today show was trying their best to follow along with the video and comment in between. Matt Lauer commented on the new format by asking how long it would take for the Academy to back to the old format. I did miss the press reactions you would hear when surprise nominations were announced. A produced video did not convey the same excitement as live announcements did.

-La La Land received 14 nominations tying All About Eve and Titanic. Both went on to win Best Picture. La La Land appears to be on the same track,

-If Damien Chazelle wins Best Director, he will be the youngest Director to ever win the award at 32 years old. He will also be the first American-born Director winner in the last 4 years.

-#Oscarssowhite, not so much. Seven people of color were nominated in the acting categories. Seven more than last year.

-The anti-semitic, misogynistic Mel Gibson was surprisingly nominated for Best Director. They choose to forget what they want to.

-Biggest snub went to Amy Adams for Arrival. For most of the year, Adams was predicted to get a nomination and some were thinking that she could win. No dice!

-There can be anywhere from 5-10 Best Picture nominees. There are 9 this year.

-Michael Shannon for Best Supporting Actor in Nocturnal Animals is a surprise. Most predicted Aaron Taylor-Johnson since he won the Golden Globe for the same film.

-Passengers came out of nowhere and received 2 nominations.

Voting begins February 13th and ends February 21st. The Oscar ceremony is Sunday, February 26th.


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