The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences on Friday announced that documentary series are no longer eligible to compete in the Academy Awards. It has been nicknamed the “O.J. Rule” based on the win of Ezra Edelman’s O.J: Made in America.

Some claimed that O.J should have qualified for an Emmy rather than an Oscar because most people watched it as a five-part series on ESPN. Edelman claims that he intended “O.J.: Made in America” to be one long film. It ran in its entirety at film festivals and briefly in theaters to qualify for an Oscar run. Due to the confusion, the academy has banned “multi-part or limited series”

They also announced that the best animated feature category will now be open to the entire film academy, not just the animation branch. According to the Associated Press, this will make it more difficult for smaller animated films to get noticed over the major studio releases.

The Academy also announced that the nominees will now be decided with a preferential ballot, like best picture voting.

Preferential voting has ruined the best picture race (the least divisive film always wins) and now I am afraid it will change the kind of films that get nominated. 

Official rules announcement here.