Ansel Elgort plays Baby and as you can tell by the title, he is a driver. He drives the getaway car for a master criminal who employs him. Doc played by Kevin Spacey. Baby owes Doc some money and one more heist and the debt is payed. Of course Baby is over it and wants a normal life when his final assignment is finished. It sounds familiar, because it is. 

Baby falls in love with a waitress played by Lily James. Meanwhile Doc wants to keep Baby in the fold. The kid can drive. He doesn’t talk much and suffers from tinnitus. He uses music to help him focus. 

Writer and director Edgar Wright fills the screen with some pretty great car chases. All edited to the music Baby is listening to in his ear buds. The first chase and the soundtrack therein sucked me in for the first hour. After that, not so much. Wright has always struggled with the he final acts of his films and this is no different. It becomes a boiler plate shoot em up when Jamie Foxx enters the picture as another criminal hired by Doc. Foxx is trying way too hard, overacts, over the top.

By the end I really didn’t care what happened to these characters and the bloody conclusion was a complete change from the tone of more preferable first half. If you like great car chases and want some mindless entertainment, you will enjoy Baby Driver. Don’t look for any deep messages.