Sasha Stone at Awards Daily recently wrote about her thoughts on the Oscar race coming out of the Telluride Film Festival. She wrote,

The films that seem very likely to fill up the Best Picture slate, of those that have been seen, I would rank this way:

1 Battle of the Sexes
2 Dunkirk
3 Darkest Hour
4 The Shape of Water
5 Call Me by Your Name
6 Get Out
7 Lady Bird
8 Hostiles
9 Downsizing
10 First They Killed My Father

Battle of the Sexes at number 1? I took this to mean that Stone was currently predicting it as the Oscar front runner. Knowing that Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere was not a huge fan of the film, I asked him his thoughts?

You can see by the WHAT???? response that he was perplexed. He proceeded to write the following post on Hollywood Elsewhere:

So I either completely misunderstood Stone’s list with Battle of the Sexes as number one or she backpedaled. She posted this on her website the following day:

Someone texted me this morning about a movie I’d written about yesterday, Battle of the Sexes, and how I’d said it COULD win Best Picture, not that it WOULD win Best Picture. The blowback was odd. I think right now from those films we’ve seen already, there are a handful that COULD win: Dunkirk, Darkest Hour, Battle of the Sexes. At this time last year, I left Telluride saying Moonlight COULD win Best Picture, along with La La Land and Manchester by the Sea. COULD win is different from WILL win. The same person who texted me this morning about Battle of the Sexes said the exact same thing about Moonlight last year. Almost word for word.

Now if you were me, what were your reaction to that be? Mean: “don’t you tell me my business again.” Or politely brusque: “Thanks but… no thanks.” Or: “you were wrong last year and have been wrong every year except one so why should I listen to you?” Any of those would probably do. I simply told him that after last year I will no longer listen to people who tell me no. After all, many said Arrival would not be an Oscar thing. How could they possibly know that so early?

Either way Battle of the Sexes is not likely to be a BP nominee. Emma Stone may get another Best Actress nomination, but the competition in the Actress category is full of much stronger performances.