A Look at Best Actress

One of the most competitive categories in Oscar race this year Best Actress. There is an abundance of great preformances by women in 2017. Narrowing it down to five nominees is going to be very difficult.

There’s not a very good consensus on who the frontrunner is right now. If you want to start predicting, then Sally Hawkins is the closest thing we have to a lock. She delivers a great completely wordless performance in The Shape of Water, which itself will probably be a major awards contender.

There’s also Frances McDormand, who delivers a huge performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Which won the Audience Award in Toronto which which is a precursor to a best picture nomination. McDormand has a better chance of a nom if the film gets one also.

Some say Emma Stone is also in the mix for her role as Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes. The movie was not that well received, but Stone’s strong performance may make the cut. She is going to need to campaign hard to compete this year.

Saoirse Ronan has a good shot at a 3rd nomination for her role in Lady Bird. Her performance carries most of the film which may get a best picture nomination itself.

Any year Meryl Streep is in a film, she will be considered for another Oscar. She will be in the the mix for her leading role in The Post. Streep plays the first female publisher for the Washington Post in a political drama. Still no word on if the film is any good, but it’s Meryl Streep. She has been nominated 20 times and won 3.

Margot Robbie delivers the best performance of her career in I, Tonya. This film is from Neon, a new distributor who hasn’t run an Oscar campaign before. Robbie and the film itself were nominated for a couple of Film Independent Spirit Awards, so that’s a start.

Jessica Chastain as always delivers a great performance in Molly’s Game.

Annette Bening has been bandied about for her role in Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.

There is some buzz for Jennifer Lawrence in mother!, but the movie may be way to divisive to get any Oscar attention. Lawrence is knows the drill and is campaigning for a nomination.

Another actress that can do no wrong is Michelle Williams. This year she in All the Money in the World. The film that Kevin Spacey was cut from and replaced by Christopher Plummer. Spacey was being prepared for a huge Oscar campaign. They will now focus on Williams and co-star Mark Wahlberg for awards season.

Right now best actress looks like this:

Frances McDormand-Three Billboards
Sally Hawkins – The Shape of Water
Saoirse Ronan – Lady Bird
Meryl Streep – The Post
Margot Robbie – I,Tonya

Michelle Williams – All the Money in the World.
Jessica Chastain – Molly’s Game
Emma Stone – Battle of the Sexes
Jennifer Lawrence – mother!


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