Do The Golden Globes Change the Oscar Race?

The 75th Golden Globes ceremony is tonight and offers a bit of a preview of what can win at the Academy Awards. One thing to note is that we are 2 days into voting for Oscar nominations. Anyone who has already voted will obviously not be affected by tonight’s outcome, but the rest could be swayed. The Globes have separate awards for comedy and drama, doubling its chances of choosing the Best Picture Oscar winner.

Last year Moonlight was awarded Best Drama and went on to win the Oscar. Casey Affleck won the Globe for Manchester by the Sea and Emma Stone did won the Actress Globe for La La Land. They both went on to win the Oscar.

Keep in mind that Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who vote on the Globes, is a group of 90 people while the academy is made up of 7,000 plus voters. The HFPA votes using the popular vote while the Oscars use a preferential ballot for Best Picture. Both could produce separate outcomes. If anything it will tell us which films and performances have support. Especially in a year when we don’t have a clear frontrunner.

The acceptance speeches tonight, could make or break an actors Oscar chances. The Academy votes for who they like, plain and simple. When Sally Fields said “you like me, you really like me” during her acceptance speech for her Oscar win, she wasn’t being conceited. She was seriously surprised that “they” liked her. That’s what it takes to win. Give a good down to earth, honest and emotional acceptance speech at the Globes and the Academy will like you, really like you.


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