Did the Golden Globes Make Three Billboards the Oscar Frontrunner?

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was awarded four Golden Globes Sunday night, including best picture, drama. Twitter immediately exclaimed that Three Billboards was the Oscar frontrunner. Everyone needs to hold on. The HFPA is a group of 90 people who vote on the Globes. That’s a big difference from the 8,000 or so that vote for Oscars.

What it can do is make the Oscar voters take more notice. They currently have their ballots that are due January 13th. They may now take the time to watch their Three Billboards screener if they haven’t already and possibly consider it a little more.

The show itself was a rallying cry for women, acceptance and #metoo. The shows theme was a little too much man hating, but it’s hard to defend what has happened over the past year.

Three Billboards fit into this narrative. It is about compassion, race relations and reconciliation. The other winners including the Screenplay for The Shape of Water is about empathy for others who are different. I, Tonya is about class separation and the media in sports. It all fits the current zeitgeist that is in the air.

The Globes somewhat shared the wealth, even awarding The Greatest Showman for original song. They did shut out Call me By Your Name, Dunkirk, The Post and Get Out. Not winning here slows down their Oscar momentum just a bit.

The winners had their Oscar speech auditions. Some of which may get them some extra votes. The barbs against no women director nominees by Natalie Portman and Barbara Streisand may help Greta Gerwig and Dee Reese get an Oscar nom.

The Golden Globes can impact the awards race different ways than who won. As Variety points out, It’s a soapbox, an audition, a trial run, all in one.


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