This will be the million dollar question throughout the upcoming Oscar season. Most agree that Leonardo DiCaprio is long over due for an Oscar win. He has been nominated 5 times.

1993– Best supporting actor- WHAT’S EATING GILBERT GRAPE. (Tommy Lee Jones won for THE FUGITIVE)

2004– Best actor nomination- THE AVIATOR (Jamie Fox won for RAY)

2006 -Best actor nomination – BLOOD DIAMOND (Forest Whitaker won for LAST MAN IN SCOTLAND)

2013 – Best Actor – THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (Matthew Mcconaughy won for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB)

There are several Tumblr pages dedicated to his plight :
Poor Leo Tumblr Page
Leonardo Oscar

This year DiCaprio tries again in THE REVENANT.  Alejandro González Iñárritu’s follow-up to BIRDMAN, last years best picture winner.

Based on the novel by Michael Punke, THE REVENANT is based on true story.  DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, a fur trapper who is injured in a fight with a bear. His colleague John Fitzgerald played Tom Hardy robs him and leaves him for dead, but Glass survives and promises revenge on Fitzgerald.

The trailer was released this week, officially kicking off his Oscar campaign.

Right now the Best Actor race is between Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 YEARS A SLAVE and Robert Redford in ALL IS LOST.  Both rolls may seem very different, but in reality they are almost the same. Both are survival stories. Both actors have to convey the psychological toll that their predicaments cause. And both do so brilliantly, but in different ways. It is hard to imagine anyone beating out Ejiofor at this point, but nothing is a lock. The scenes below are examples of why Chiwetel Ejiofor and Robert Redford are the two to beat.


THE DALLAS BUYER CLUB premiered Saturday night in Toronto.  The world got its first look of McConaughey’s  performance as a Texas man diagnosed with HIV in the 1980s. Based on the true story, the film follows his frustration with FDA and smuggles in his own drugs.  McConaughey received a standing ovation for the role that he lost 50 pounds for.  The acting branch of the Academy love to see actors “suffer for their art”.   Matthew McConaughey could very well get his first Oscar nomination.

Jared Leto, who is unrecognizable could also get his first Oscar nomination in a supporting role.  I am not making this up.

Jared Leto in Dallas Buers Club
Jared Leto in Dallas Buers Club

Jeff Wells writes,

The surprise is that everyone sat down expecting to see a Best Actor-calibre performance from Matthew McConaughey. They got that, but when the lights came up the first words out of everyone’s mouth were “Jared Leto,” who is easily in the Best Supporting Actor race now. And Jennifer Garner really nails it also — her Dallas Buyers Club doctor is probably the best role she’s ever had and the best performance she’s ever given.

Twitter was also abuzz…

dallas2 dallasleto

DALLAS BUYERS CLUB will be released November 1st.

Matt McConaughey lost an incredible amount of with for THE DALLAS BUYERS CLUB.  I am sure you saw the pictures. Doctors were worried that his body was beginning to shut down due to his low weight, but it looks like it paid off. Many are predicting a Best Actor nomination for McConaughey and with the string of great performances lately including this years MUD, he might finally get an Oscar.

Robert Redford could get another Best Actor nomination with ALL IS LOST.  The movie has very little dialogue and word on the street is that Redford nails it.

Redford was last nominated for Best Director for QUIZ SHOW in 1995.

from IMDB:

Robert Redford Oscar nominations.
Robert Redford Oscar nominations.

Great Picture of Daniel Day-Lewis looking at the Gettysburg Address in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House.


Time magazine’s cover proclaiming Daniel Day-Lewis as “the worlds greatest actor” will be hard for the Oscar voters to ignore. The Best Actor race is a tough one to predict so far, but there is one lock.