First Oscars Promo of The Year

A new promo for the 2018 Academy Awards shows the awkward moment from last year’s show when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced La La Land as the best picture winner.

The trailer also features a montage of 2017’s biggest films, including Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, Girls Trip, It, Baby Driver, Get Out, Lady Bird, and The Post.

The 90th Academy Awards will begin 30 minutes earlier than previous years. It will now begin at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. This should prevent the show from going past Midnight on the east coast. The 90-minute Oscars pre-show, will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT.


Jimmy Kimmel to Host 2017 Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel announced on Twitter today that he will be hosting the Oscar ceremony in February.

Kimmel has hosted a number of shows,including the Emmys earlier this year. He has also hosted the American Music Awards and the ESPYs. This will be his first time hosting the Oscars.

Chris Rock hosted the Oscars last year. 

The Academy Awards will air February 26th on ABC. 




On Thursday rumors were flying around that Tom Sherak quickly chose the Host and Producer of this years Academy Awards show before his tenure was up on Tuesday. While it should have been the new President Hawk Koch’s job, Sherak reportedly tried to pull a fast one and scoop up Jimmy Fallon as Host and Lorne Michaels as Producer. ABC immediately expressed their disapproval of Jimmy Fallon because his show directly competes with their own Jimmy Kimmel. ABC doesn’t really have much say anyway as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences controls the telecast.  Regardless the deal never happened and according to

Tom Sherak told the LA Times that the Academy’s Board of Governors gave him the authority 2 months ago to find a producer for the 2013 show. Sherak said he wasn’t able to complete a deal before his term was up. “I couldn’t meet that deadline, so I stopped all negotiations,” he said. The LA Times initially and erroneously reported that Fallon and Michaels are still in talks.] Sherak has been one of Hollywood’s most controversial Academy presidents because he ruled with an iron fist. He also caused one of the Oscars’ most embarrassing episodes when he hired Brett Ratner as the telecast producer — only to have the filmmaker resign in disgrace. Once Ratner left, Sherak’s choice for Oscars host Eddie Murphy also abandoned ship. The Academy was left scrambling for a producer and host at the last minute, which was humiliating.

New President Hawk Koch says he is wasting no time and beginning his search immediately for a Producer and Host. Koch says; “I want to find a way to get the younger film lovers to want to watch the Oscars. We have Oscar Sunday and we want to find a way to have everyone tune in like they do for Super Bowl Sunday. I want all the nominees on the night of the Oscars to feel like, ‘You know what? I have had the greatest time being nominated and if I win great but it is great to be nominated’. That’s number one.”

Hopefully Koch can make the Oscars a little more hip without losing their dignity.